Library Instruction Classroom Display Usage

  1. Power on the Computer, Monitor, and press the PC button on the Extron Touch Panel. This should allow the user to see the Windows 10 desktop on the podium monitor.
  2. To power on the primary display at the front of the room, press the DISPLAY ON button. A white light should indicate that the display is powering on.
  3. If you wish to use any other external video source, connect that source and press the HDMI or LAPTOP buttons.
  4. To use the smaller televisions on the walls of the room, press the POWER button located on the bottom left edge of each TV.
  5. Do NOT press any buttons on the controller itself, located in the cabinet. If you encounter issues, call AV Assistance at extension 3-4409 or Library Systems for computing assistance at 3-4402.
  6. When finished with the room, please power off the display by pressing the DISPLAY OFF button on the Extron Touch Panel and power off the computer.

    Extron Touch Panel Control Detail

    Note that the last button on the Extron Touch Panel remains active, so if the previous user pressed the MUTE button, the system will be muted until it is touched again.

    For more information about this room, please visit the AppGuides USFSP Library POY 218 Instructional Classroom Guide ( http://appguides.usfsp.edu/location/usfsp-library-instruction-classroom-poy-218/ ).

Last edited on August 23, 2019