Build a Website Using UStoreFiles & MyWeb

A great way to start a small website, for projects or to practice having an online presence (for resume, contact Info, etc) is to use the USF UStoreFiles drive in combination with the MyWeb web service to act as a a host. With just a few lines of code placed in the right folders on UStoreFiles, your site can be up an running in minutes.

Note: Use of UStoreFiles and the MyWeb Space is reserved for current USF students, staff, and faculty.

Here’s how:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the UStore File Storage Quickstart, so that you know how to connect and access your files.
  2. Within your UStoreFiles location, create a folder that is called public_html. Note that the name is just two words, with and underscore (_) between them.
  3. Your primary file should be called index.html. If your file management program does not show file extensions, enable them (Windows Instructions Here), (Mac Instructions Here). It is important that you do not use a large file editor such as Microsoft Word, but instead just use a simple editor like notepad, or __ so that formatting information is not put into the file. The file must contain ONLY the characters used in HTML tags.
  4. After your file is loaded, you can access your site by pointing your Web Browser to Access to the MyWeb space.

Your MyWeb landing page is accessible at: http://yournetid.myweb.usf.edu

You can use HTML5, CSS3, and PHP on MyWeb.

For more formal web page building instructions and samples of many items that you can place there, please visit the free site, w3c

Last edited on October 19, 2018