USFSP Library Instruction Classroom (POY 218)

POY 218 Library Instruction Lab

Technology Information
Computers Available: 24

Location Information
Campus Location: Poynter Library 218 (Campus Map )
Phone: (727) 873-4402
Email: libhelp@usfsp.edu
Web: lib.usfsp.edu/stc

Twenty four Dell GX 9010 computers with 22 inch wide screen flat panel screens are available for use as student machines. One instructor machine with a 17 inch flat panel augments the instructor desk, all computers employ Windows 7, are fully networked and have unrestricted internet access. The lab is further equipped with two dry erase boards and a PROXIMA 6850 ceiling mounted projection system. The projections system as well as all student machines are set to a resolution of 600X800, although the instructor station and projection system are capable of 1280X1024 resolution with thousands of colors. Also available to the instructor is a Sympodium instructional display system, a videocassette recorder, and a laser pointing unit.

Use of the Poynter Library Instruction Classroom is intended to support USF’s library instruction, research and service goals, promote user education and emphasize information literacy. The Library Instruction Classroom is designed for both demonstration of and the practical hands-on learning with various library electronic information systems. Access is available to the Libraries of the USF System Catalogs, the Internet, and various software applications.

Guidelines concerning the scheduling, use and procedures regarding the Library Instruction Classroom can be found on the companion webpage page, Library Spaces: Library Instruction Classroom. Requestors may use the online form Library Instruction Classroom Reservation Request Form (POY 218) . The Library reserves the right to deny a request.

Note: Requests to adopt software in the Library Instruction Classroom must conform to the Software Adoption Guidelines, and be made to the Systems Office at 727 873-4402.