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Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available for all USF system students. Students should utilize the Sembler Student Success Center for free tutoring before using it.

Build a Website Using UStoreFiles & MyWeb

A great way to start a small website, for projects or to practice having an online presence (for resume, contact Info, etc) is to use the USF UStoreFiles drive in combination with the MyWeb web service to act as a a host.

Student Access to the USF VPN

Currently enrolled students may download a client in order to access the USF Virtual Private Network (VPN). The reason this is important is that it establishes your computer as being located ‘on site’ for accessing items that are restricted to USF Students, such as the USF Application Gateway, and to see full listings for USF [...]

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Most Recent Usage Notes
Tutorial for FileZilla

Please visit the link below for a hosted tutorial on how to FTP files using the FileZilla client. FileZilla Tutorial

Office 365 Compatibility Requirements

Please note that there are specific OS requirement for the download of Office 365, available for currently enrolled students, Staff and Faculty through the site. It is important to know when you purchase a computer or laptop and plan to use this software, that it is not compatible with the Chrome OS, or with [...]

Adobe Photoshop General Usage Notes

Adobe Photoshop requires the use of a special file, called a “scratch disk”.  This file is used as a caching location, much like web browsers use, to temporarily copy an item so that some operation can be done on it.  For instance if you edit a photo to shade it, the photo is copied to [...]

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